Youtube Party hosted by JUNIOR TECLA.

Usually you sit around with friends @ the house showing one cool video after the other… trying to show an even better one to impress your friends, right?
Well, we’re going to do the same thing with all of you guys at Otra Cosa. Send your funniest, coolest, weirdest or most beautiful Youtube videos to and you’ll have a chance to win free drinks if your video is chosen by the public-jury. Don’t miss this… it’s going to be a lot of fun…!!!!!

HOSTED BY JUNIOR TECLA. If you would have a time machine, to which musical era would you go? Junior Tecla will take you through a musical journey that will bring nice memories and make new memories.  The winning voices of Veanira Reed and Gilmar Fraites will add magic to this musical experience…you can’t miss it!

Come and celebrate at Otra Cosa the victory of Veanira Reed AND Dolfijn FM receiving an award…it’s double CELEBRATION! Entrance Free!

Bini ku bo partner i amigunan i hari bai gol!


Some things in life you just can’t miss…this is one of them: The Otra Cosa 1st Anniversary CELEBRATION!! Music by Dj Jack (the first big winner of the Heineken Green Synergy Contest) and many surprise acts. ….FREE ENTRANCE, FREE SNACKS!! Come and celebrate with us Saturday June 30th. Visit our event page on facebook and Join our event: 


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